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We are glad to welcome you on the pages of our team.

ABOUT US : we are -  a team of young but professional professionals from different sectors of fashion retail (buyers, merchandisers, designers, former retail chain managers, franchising, branding, marketing, etc.). Each of us has more than 10 years of experience in our sector. Some of us are active employees, some have gone into private consulting. We are united by a love of fashion and shopping and a desire to help people. We help colleagues to become successful, and retail outlet owners to increase profits, avoid mistakes and save on permanent staff.

WHAT WE DO: provide private services 

(see SERVICES) for owners of shops, outlets, retail chains, wholesale distributors in various sectors of the textile business.

Areas we work with:

-Women's, men's, children's clothing

-Shoes and accessories


- Home textiles (bed linen, towels, etc.)

-Swimwear and underwear

HOW WE WORK: we provide most of the SERVICES online (merchandising, window dressing, staff training, various consultations). Our clients are located throughout the CIS, in large and small cities. There are services that require the presence of a specialist at the location, as a rule they are long-term (franchising, branding, opening a store from scratch, etc.)


Of the buyer services on the market in Turkey, our buyers are the only ones who perform their duties professionally. As a rule, buyers in Turkey are people who offer goods only from certain brands. The owner of the store / retail chain independently chooses the product. We correspond to the international definition of BAYER.

Stages of our work:

- Analyze the range of your store

- We will identify shortcomings and shortages of goods or product groups

- We will make an assortment matrix of the collection or its parts

- We will select the assortment at Turkish factories or place your individual order

- We control the quality

- Arrange delivery to your city

For fans of self-selection, we invite you to our Telegram group to get acquainted with the current assortment.

COST OF SERVICES : varies from the area of the store. Contact us for your first FREE CONSULTATION.

PAYMENT : 50% prepayment before the start of the service, 50% after it ends.

Payment options: Online transfer to a bank card of a Russian bank, Online transfer to a bank card of a Turkish bank, Payment systems "Golden Crown", "Western Union", "KIWI Wallet".

ATTENTION: when providing services for the purchase of a collection, placing orders at factories, cash transfer with the help of an intermediary company (usually a transport company carrier CARGO) - 50% prepayment, 50% after notification of the complete readiness of the goods.

Commission - the principle of "1,2,3" (t-shirts, T-shirts - $ 1 per unit of goods, $ 3 - bags, shoes, outerwear, home textiles, other groups $ 2. Children's clothing - all $ 1, except outerwear - 2$ )

Minimum order 2000$

For large wholesale from $ 100,000 - bank SWIFT transfer to our company (legal entity.)

GUARANTEES: we conclude a service agreement with the customer, indicating all the details. For large wholesale - a supply contract.


- Which countries can be delivered to?

Answer: Delivery of orders from Turkey is possible to almost any country in the world. Contact us for detailed information.

- If I have my own CARGO, can I continue to work with it?

Answer: Of course, we will only be happy.

- If I'm buying a collection in Turkey for the first time, and I don't have my own cargo, what should I do?

Answer: we will provide you with several companies of our regular cargo partners, you can compare the cost and delivery time for yourself and choose the ideal option for yourself.

- Can I order by tailoring my brand in Turkey?

Answer: Of course, we will help you make a collection and place your order with the factory.

- Are there any discounts for regular customers?

Answer: of course, many clients come to us repeatedly, we have been working with some of them constantly for more than 5 years.  Our discount system takes into account market and currency fluctuations.

Our permanent gift for all new clients: FIRST CONSULTATION FOR FREE!


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